(em)Powering Our

Donors Choose

Endurance values the next generation of entrepreneurs and future small business owners and aims to inspire them by making a positive impact on their education.

We are a proud partner of DonorsChoose.org, an organization that makes it easy to support classrooms in need. Since its founding, DonorsChoose.org has funded over 750,000 projects and has reached over 18,000,000 students in classrooms all over the United States.

We (em)Power our team to choose and donate to classroom projects they’re passionate about. Our team members based outside of the United States can also donate through GlobalGiving.org, a sister organization to DonorsChoose.org.

Endurance is committed to helping provide students with access to a great education and the resources they need. DonorsChoose.org enables us to use the power of technology to bring classroom dreams to life in a deeply personal and tangible way.

Build in Business to Learn

Building on our commitment to education, Endurance proudly partners with BUILD, a Boston-based organization that uses entrepreneurship and experiential learning to equip youth in under-resourced communities for high-school, college, and career success.

Through this partnership, Endurance impacts the lives of approximately 400 Boston students and empowers them to reach their fullest potential by completing high school, preparing them for future success.

BUILD enables employees in our local Burlington and Waltham offices to become involved in BUILD’s mentor programs, skills-based volunteering opportunities, and community events. This partnership allows us to reinforce the value of education and inspire students to leverage technology as they pursue their dreams.

As part of this partnership, Endurance is directly involved in supporting students on their journey from high school to college by becoming mentors in BUILD’s Student Youth Business Incubator.

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